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I'm Tory and this is my brother Dallas and we're here to help you get your owner or rider the training they need. Yeah, some of them need more help than others but we have never seen one that our Mamma couldn't help.  Best of all, while she is teaching them how to respect you, she will help you learn how to trust them. 
Mamma also says that you shouldn't be too proud to admit you need a little help now and then.  Look, we all know those trailers can be a little spooky and that old farrier can get you in trouble poking around on your ticklish spots. You just need a little encouragement and experience to master your fears and bring your best to every ride or event. That's what our Mamma does best.
Even if you have had a trainer before and didn't like it, you will know in just one visit that working with Sacred Spirit is the best thing that could happen to a horse. We give a double molasses cookie guarantee.
Well that's about all from us for now. Apple still hasn't perfected the Equine Keyboard and this is a lot of typing to do with a stick in your mouth. Besides, I'm getting kinda' hungry.
We haven't agreed on a slogan for our business yet. Dallas likes, "Eat More Chicken" but I keep telling him it sounds ridiculous and it would never catch on.  (I love him, but sometime I think the boy was raised by cows before we adopted him.)  I was thinking something more like, "Building Trust and Respect between Horse and Rider."  It's a work in progress.  Why don't you invite us over and check out our services and maybe you can help us figure out how to tell others about the difference Sacred Spirit can make.
We hope you will visit our site again! Check back later for new updates. There's much more to come!
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